Is Amazon Prime a better choice than Netflix or Hulu?

amazon prime

In terms of streaming video services online, Netflix has by far the greatest number of subscribers. As of a few months ago, they had over 50 million subscribers, and that number just seems to keep growing. But does that automatically mean that it should be your choice when signing up for a streaming service?

Not necessarily. You have plenty of other choices such as Hulu and Amazon Prime. To be frank, I find Hulu to be the worst choice since their selection is quite similar to what Netflix offers, and yet they have commercials. In addition, the streaming is less reliable on Hulu. In recent years, they have begun adding some compelling original programming such as the Handmaid's Tale, but on the whole, Netflix still has a lot more original programming. In my opinion, it is therefore not worth spending $8 a month on Hulu when you have Netflix.

But what about Amazon Prime (Also called Amazon Instant Video)? Although their streaming service isn’t as great as what Netflix brings to the table, Amazon Prime can be an attractive choice for other reasons. The fact is, you get lots of additional benefits when you use Amazon Instant Video. In addition to the thousands of movies and TV shows you can stream online, you also get:

– Access to a library of free music
– Free 2-day shipping on all products you buy at Amazon
- Many other Amazon-related benefits

Now, if you’ve purchased anything online, you know that shipping costs can often end up costing quite a bit. I buy a lot of used books online, and I often pay more for shipping than the price of the book itself. For this reason, getting free shipping through Amazon Prime can easily save you hundreds of dollars a month. Regular online shoppers who use Amazon, therefore, would be wise to consider Amazon Prime. An additional benefit of Amazon Prime not often mentioned is that you are able to play some video games. This, however, should not be your reason for joining. If playing video games is your main goal, there are much better options such as Gamefly that you should look into. Gamefly offers a 1-month free trial that you should take advantage of if you are interested. Gamefly currently has over 8000 video game titles for rent.

To summarize, for active online shoppers, Amazon Prime may be the smart choice. You do, however, have to pay for 1-year at once, which is kind of annoying. If Amazon Prime would offer a monthly payment option, there is no question in my mind that it would be the best streaming service you can sign up for. If you are not an online shopper, Netflix is probably the way to go. And last but not least, if you like to play video games and don't care about streaming, then Gamefly is the best option.


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