Great ways to get business cards printed cheaply

business cardOne of the most basic things you’ll need when starting up a business is a business card. Some people want to start quickly and settle for a boring looking card, but this does not have to be the only way to hit the ground running. Luckily, there are many ways to get a nice looking business card designed and produced cheaply. We’ll review some of your options below.

1. Buy software and business card paper and do it yourself. This is probably the cheapest option. There are business card stock paper you can buy and insert into an inkjet printer. Many such packages come with a program you can use to design your business card. Although this option will save you money, bear in mind that your business card probably won’t look the best. One tip on getting your card to look more professional is to use a high quality printer along with good ink. I like to buy my ink cheaply from inkfarm, a great online ink store that offers a ton of discounts and coupons.

2. Use a template available at a printing service. Many print shops have business card templates you can use to create your card. You just need to fill in basic information like your name, position, contact number, and the rest is already laid out for you. You can pick from many premade business card designs and even incorporate a logo. The one downside is that by using templates, your card many not be 100% unique.

3. Have a graphic designer design your business card. As long as you have the money, this is the route that will end up getting you the best quality business card. The design will be unique, and you will no doubt be pleased with the outcome. Designers, however, are not cheap. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a reasonably priced designer by shopping around online and utilizing coupon codes, such as this inkfarm coupon from Many printing services also have relatively inexpensive design services.

Again, make sure you use promo codes like Inkfarm promo codes whenever you make a purchase online. This can end up saving you a good deal of money, especially if you place big orders.


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