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Let's be honest: finding a date on sites like is easier said than done. Especially if you're a guy, you need to be quite outgoing and you can't be shy about contacting women on the site. Unless you take proactive steps to meet and get to know people on the site, you won't make it far. Fortunately, there is hope even if you have not had a lot of success on dating sites. Numerous articles can be found online, and for the especially dating-challenged individuals, there are even books, courses, and dating coaches you can turn to.

But let's start with the basics. First, you need to join a top-notch dating site like If you use a free trial offer, this will cost you nothing, at least at first. Just follow this link for the current trial. (For more information on dating free trials, be sure to check out our other article here.) The next step is to set up a winning profile. This is where you should do a lot of research on what works and what doesn't, as the profile is akin to the first impression you will make on someone in the real world. Post plenty of photos, but make sure they are all attractive ones. Don't be hesitant to ask friends for help on the written portion of your profile as well. Avoid grammatical and spelling errors, as this will make you seem careless or even unintelligent. After all, if you can't be bothered to proof read your profile, how reliable a person could you be? Everything you say or do in your profile will send a signal to others, so always be mindful of that.

When it comes to reaching out to other parties you may be interested in, keep it simple. Most women on dating sites get dozens or even hundreds of messages a day. You don't want to overwhelm them with your life story. Instead, ask a question or try to make a clever quip that might invite a response. Do not rely too much on making comments about physical appearances, as this can send the wrong message to some people. Instead, try to connect on a deeper level. Talking about common interests or asking someone to elaborate on something they said in their profile are both effective tactics that may help you get the ball rolling.

Your ultimate goal is a real-life encounter, so don't chat online for 6 months before offering to meet. Rather, many dating coaches think you should take things to the next level as soon as you feel comfortable. This is different for each person, but it should be anywhere from 1 week to a month for most people. Try to have your first meeting take place in a public spot like a cafe, as this will feel more casual and less threatening to most people. Also, it is recommended that the first "date" be relatively short. Having coffee or going out to lunch is probably the right length of time.


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