Why You Should Consider Deluxe Checks

It's a fact. Paper checks are going away. When exactly that will happen is anybody's guess, but if you look at the trend over the last decade or so, there is no denying that people are moving away from using paper checks. Instead, they are relying more on more on electronic methods of payment. Some of this is due to the Internet, but even in places like supermarkets, some form of electronic payment seems to have become the norm. When people do use "checks," it is more often than not an electronic check of some sort.

But at the same time, businesses must still rely on paper checks to some extent. Contrary to many people's opinion, paper checks are not less secure. Thanks to technologies used by top-notch checking companies like Deluxe, modern security checks can be every bit as secure as an electronic payment, if not more so. Therefore, there is no reason for your business not to have some paper checks in hand. My general recommendation for businesses is:

1) Try to pay electronically, if possible. It's not just electronic checks you can rely on, but credit cards or wire transfer can be other options.

2) Use a paper check, but make sure you use security checks by Deluxe, or a similarly reputable product. Go to the following link to get the latest Deluxe Coupons.

3) Consider Paypal. This is my least favorite option because fees charged by Paypal tend to be unreasonably high.

4) Consider Bitcoin. This is a great way to pay as the money is sent instantaneously, and the fees are virtually zero. However, once the payment is sent, that is it, and there is not third-party intermediary should there be any sort of dispute.

5) Cash. This is mostly an outdated way to make payments and should not be used unless there are no other options. The only exception would be if you are in a retail business.

For non-businesses, payments can usually be make quite easily if you set up online banking. Most banks will directly send money to utility companies, credit companies, and other companies where you make monthly payments. There really is no need to be sending checks to anyone these days if you have an online banking account. When I pick a bank nowadays, I first ask to see their online banking platform, and I would choose not to deposit money with a bank that doesn't have a good platform. You're likely to use a bank's online system for years, if not decades, so it's important to pick one that you will find easy to use, and that has all the features you will need.



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