A good all purpose e-cig store is volcanoecig.com

When I first started using e-cigs, I was lured into buying branded e-cigs from stores like Halo, V2 Cigs, Blu Cigs, and other similar companies. They seemed to have the best marketing and I was drawn to buy from them, believing I would get the best e-cigs. While the products I received were very good, something seemed to be lacking to me.

Eventually, like many other vapers, I began going to forums and started thinking about creating my own e-cigarette setups. I went on to buy an ego-style battery and experimented with many different kinds of clearomizers and tanks. At this stage, I realized I must move on from branded e-cig companies and find a more versatile e-cig store. After much research, I settled on using Volcano Ecigs almost exclusively. This store carries a wide variety of advanced e-cig batteries (called mods) that offer great power and many features to customize your vaping experience. In addition, they have tons of tanks and clearomizers. To top it all off, the store offers low prices and quite frequently, you can obtain Volcano Ecig coupons from E-cigbargains that will bring down your order total even more.

Maybe you just started vaping and are satisfied with having a branded e-cig. There is nothing wrong with that, of course. Many people find that branded e-cigs give them everything they are looking for. But there are also a large group of people who like me who like to take things to the next level. They may create customized battery setups or start mixing their own e-juice. If you find yourself in this category, then by all means, I encourage you to give Volcano Ecigs a try. You can learn more about this great e-cigarette vendor by going to e-cigbargains.com. If you are new to using e-cigarettes, there is a bit of a learning curve. The best ways to learn more about vaping is by visiting e-cigarette sites that offer tutorials, watching Youtube videos, and visiting e-cig forums, where old timers will be more than happy to show newcomers the ropes.


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